What would they like to drink?

This question marks the origin of our company. Since 2013, we have been striving to expand the diversity of the beverage assortment in Swiss gastronomy and retail. Together with industry colleagues, we look back with pride on the last decade and dare to say: "Yes, things have really changed on the drinks menu or on the supermarket shelves!"

International, but personal

We are at home wherever innovative beverages are created and bring these products to your home. Our main activity is the import of high quality spirits. We work directly with the producers and represent our brands exclusively in the Swiss market.

Class instead of mass!

We have become big by staying small. Since our beginnings we have grown many times over, but we are still happy like little children when someone buys a product from us at the checkout. All our brands are handpicked and are considered by INDIEDINKS as "own" products. With us the quality always determines the quantity. We are proud of our fine assortment. We handle it carefully, looking for solutions so that our brands reinforce each other and do not cannibalize each other in the market.


Despite large free trade zones, importing beverages is still a business where accuracy and customs modalities play a major role. Each country has its own taxes on brandy. Customs duties are always welcome revenue of any state. Due to our years of experience in the field as well as cooperation with logistics specialists, we can offer the perfect supply chain solution (almost) everywhere.

Brand Owners

In 2019 we decided to launch our own spirit. Not something that our partners are already doing, but a modern liqueur, made from the most popular fruit of the Swiss.... the apple!

Thanks to our WILHELM Apfel Liqueur, we now understand the wishes and needs of a producer even better and can offer them the right solutions in the trade thanks to our experience.