Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin







Highest awarded gin in the world - among others, best gin in Germany. It was named after Siegfried from the Saga of the Nibelungen. According to legend, he killed a dragon at Drachenfels (not far from the origin of this gin) and then bathed in his blood. A lime leaf plays an important role in this legend and also makes the Siegfried Gin unique. Because the Linden blossom is the lead botanical - in total 18 selected botanicals will be used. The Siegfried Gin - or short: Siggi - is a regional distillate that completely avoids industrial aids, artificial flavors and additives.

Tasting notes

On the nose with a well-balanced marriage of thyme, juniper and bitter orange. These continue on the palate, a little later come the earthy notes of Ginger and Angelica which then give rise to the floral lime blossoms .