Tarsier Southeast Asian Dry Gin







When a spirit is referred to as "Southeast Asian Gin," there are two possibilities:

1. the gin comes from a distillery in Southeast Asia

2. the gin contains typical botanicals from Southeast Asia

With this specimen, the second is the case. Because in fact the gin comes from the idea of two men from Manchester, who were inspired by a recent backpacking trip through Southeast Asia were inspired to create the flavor combination. Surely Tim Driver and Sherwin Acebuche on their adventure trip in 2015 also they encountered funny tarsiers - these are small primates with huge eyes and long hind legs that allow them to jump from tree to tree at night. During the day they can only be found in dark tree stumps. The tarsier macaws are found in the Phillippines as well as some Indonesian islands. Due to human influence, the various species are now endangered to highly endangered, which is why the founders of the Tarsier Gin donate 10% of their profit to the Tarsier Foundation. The gin contains the Citrus Calamansi" from the Phillippines, sweet basil herb from Thailand, the Ginger-like galanga root from Vietnam and Kampot pepper from Cambodia. Those botanicals are used with Juniper, coriander seeds, angelica, orris root, licorice root and bitter almond united. On the palate, citrus, pepper, juniper and spices stand out clearly.

Tasting notes

Citrus notes and pepper are superficial, in addition Juniper and various spice nuances.