OSMOZ Gin Citrus







The Vallet family is based in the Cognac region and runs a successful winegrowing business there. It's no wonder that their gin is based on a wine distillate. Laurent Vallet and his wife created two modern expressions of gin, incorporating fruits and spices such as apple, citrus, licorice, apricot, almond, saffron, cucumber, juniper, coriander and cloves for a multi-layered aroma.

Tasting notes

Already in the nose fine citrus notes can be perceived, which combine harmoniously with the juniper aroma. In addition, a little more subtle fruity notes of apples and apricot. On the palate, mainly fruity and floral aromas resonate. Juniper is also clearly present here, forming a refined flavor composition together with almonds. Above it are delicate and bitter orange flavors, which are also clearly tasted in the finish.