Kamylla Lisi-Brandino

[email protected] +41 79 531 99 14

Our source of energy! Always bubbling with new ideas and meticulously translates them into action. Fine to have someone like that in the team. Kamylla combines her Brazilian temperament with Swiss reliability, a unique combination.

Samuel Lisi

[email protected] +41 79 531 84 15

Our calculating machine, knows exactly what we can and what not.  Full-blooded entrepreneur with many good contacts. Much too fast for a Bernese Oberlander... crazy what a few years in Zurich can do to you!

Roland Genier

[email protected]

El Padròn! Gladly active in the background on all fronts. 18 years of experience as landlord of the restaurant "Hallwylerhof" (1977-1995) in the city of Zurich and over 50 years of experience in the food industry. Our secret weapon. Has already forgotten more than most people know.  Great connoisseur of French wines.

Stephan Keller

[email protected]

... yes what does he actually do?

Sebastian Sauer

[email protected]

Unser Freigeist wenn es um Bier geht, weiss (fast) alles drüber und kennt viele Leute in der weiten Bier-Welt. Er hat unserem etwas verstaubten „Beer Department“ im Sommer 2023 wieder neues Leben eingehaucht. Sorgt mit seiner ruhigen und besonnenen Art für eine gute Balance im Team.